Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Green Island

Tropical fish and coral reefs create a spectacular underwater display, even at shallow depths, and the clear, calm waters offer great visibility. Whether diving or snorkeling, Green Island offers a tremendous amount of wonderful sea life and for an experience of a lifetime, we can introduce you to the local Hammer Head Sharks!!

Green Island, once known as "Fire Island", is a small island located 33 kilometers in the Asian Pacific Ocean off the coast of South Eastern Taiwan. Having a population of 2000 on an area of 16,2 square kilometers, the island was formed by volcanic action which left a curved and complex coastline. Coastal beach terraces and cliffs drop to colorful coral reefs where schools of tropical fish make their abode. Along the shoreline, white coral beaches can be found and numerous coves which lead into warm tropical waters. GPS 22*39'58.89 N 121*29'26.46 E

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

South East Taiwan - Penghu Island

The Portuguese called this group of 64 islands situated midway between Taiwan and mainland China the Pescadores because of all the fish found there. Certainly there are fewer fish today than there were when the Portuguese arrived, but enough remain to make the diving interesting. As with Green Island, it is most convenient to fly in with a trip organized by one of your local dive shops.

Diving in Penghu is characterized by strong currents and is best suited for more experienced divers; the strong currents, however, often bring in the bigger pelagic (ocean-going) fish that divers love to see.

Monday, April 24, 2006

South East Taiwan - Orchid Island

Orchid Island is a tiny speck of land made entirely of volcanic rock, and surrounded by rugged coastlines. Located 65km off Taiwan's southeast coast, it is considered one of Taiwan's best diving destinations with lush, healthy coral reefs, tropical warm waters and visibility exceeding 30m. But a trip to this diverse island reveals there's more to it than just spectacular diving...

South West of Taiwan - Xiao Liu Qiu off the Port of Donggang

Xiao Liu Qiu is just a 40 minute boat ride off the port of Donggang ( Just South of Kaosiung )

North East Coast of Taiwan - Long Dong (Dragon's Hole) Wreck Point Site

Wreck point is a dive site just before Canyons when coming from Keelung. Wreck Point has a cargo ship wreck. Getting over the ship wreck before starting your dive will take a 200 Meter surface swim and then you can drop down right on it. GPS Location 25*07'14.60 N - 121*53'49.55 E

North Coast of Taiwan - Yehliu

Yehliu is a cape of about 1,700 meters long, formed by northern Taiwan's Datun Mountain reaching into the sea. When overlooked from above, the place is like a giant turtle submerging into the sea. Thus, it is also called "Yehliu Turtle".

North of Keelung - Keelung Island

Keelung Island is a dive site that I have not dove as of yet but I am planning to dive this site soon off a boat.

North East Coast - Long Dong ( Dragon's Hole) Canyons Site

Canyons has one of the most difficult entry point for dive sites on the North East Coast in Long Dong. There is a 20 Meter or 66 FT path that you need to either carry your gear down or walk down geared up. The GPS location for the entry point in the water is GPS 25*07'20.97 North and 121*54'16.60 East. The dive site is one of my favorites on the NE Coast due to the fact it has been the only site that I have seen a turtle and an octopus. Depth at this site is Maximum 24 Meters that's 80 FT and has rocks you can dive between to get through the pointy little peninsula that jets out to the ocean on this site. To swim through the tip of the Peninsula the swim through starts at GPS 25*07'24.33 North and 121*54'17.24 East.

Long Dong (Dragon's Hole)

Longdong (Dragon's Hole) is a small town on the North East coast of Taiwan. The rocky coast in this area is spectacular, and rivals Chingshui Cliffs in the East as the most scenic coastline in Taiwan.

By looking at this picture you surly see a shark with its mouth open. The bottom jaw of the shark near the bottom lip GPS 25*06'48.07 N 121*55'13.04 E is an easy access dive site where there is a small reef to look at for beginners or when the surf is high.(Depth 18 Meter) In the picture where the shark has been hit by an axe on the top of its head there is a nice rest area located in the harbor of Beitou. You can dive surrounded by an enclosed area blocked off to protect the harbor. This area is mostly used by instructors to teach diving because of the calm waters. To the very left part of the picture past at the dorsal fin is Canyons. To the very left of the picture is Wreck Point.

There are plenty of dive sites to see in this area from easy and more difficult entry points.

The diving here can be good from the shore. Just be prepared to work a little bit for your dive.

Directions: Longdong is located about 30 KM's east of Keelung on Route 2. (Between touchiao and Yehliu Beach)

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Taiwan is located in the Pacific Ocean, 100 miles from the southeastern coast of the Chinese mainland. Its length is 245 miles, and its widest point is 89.5 miles.
With a subtropical climate, it has an average temperature of 72 ° F (22 ° C) in the north and 75 ° F (24 ° C) in the south.
The Central Mountain Range bisects from north to south with two-thirds of the island covered in forested peaks. The rest of the island is characterized by foothills, terraced flatlands, coastal plains and basins.
It is considered to be one of the world's most densely populated places with a population of over 21 million.
Mandarin Chinese is th national language; many people also speak English.